Kangen Water 101 | 5 Things Enagic® wants you to know

Enagic hopes you find out about this!

Kangen water is very good, healthy ionized alkaline water, and Enagic’s sales force typically shares water with people (for a few weeks) they meet to promote it. They then give the option to them to purchase the life changing devices, or continue to drink the same water they once drank before. There are so many stories of Kangen reps sharing water with their friends, so much that they end up building those relationships when they buy a Kangen machine. The machines last 25+ years!  It’s most definitely the right way to help people to achieve health benefits.  Watch this video about hangovers vs. Kangen water! There’s not a smarter, more affordable way to get the same results.  So what is Kangen up to?  Enagic manufactures the Kangen water machine and sells it through independent sales representatives. 

In NO way is this a multi-level marketing scheme! It’s pretty much a reverse pyramid scheme. The reason why is only 8 points get paid out per machine sale. The sponsor gets one less point every time their team reaches a new level. Only 8 points ever get paid per sale! Enagic®  to does NOT allow it’s distributors making health claims for the company. Enagic is closely watched by the government to withstand no health claims.  Kangen water simply allows your body to heal itself by changing the water you drink. Enagic® can be held responsible for the things that their salespeople say.  The competition is different.  They take little to no responsibility for anything they say, they don’t tell you their plates are mesh and inferior to Enagic® titanium plates that cover more surface area.  PLUS, Enagic® units out beat the competition units.  Check out the a demo for Kangen water which has a 5 year warranty!  Other ionizer companies just can’t do that, so they rely on the false claims of marketing on google and everywhere people are searching for Kangen water.

Come and see for yourself! All the TV “News” reports that praise Kangen Water® are incredible.  Many of the celebrities who they say drink Kangen water are thrilled to share they drink Kangen water. Major athletes don’t always share because the average person think a 1/4 pound hamburger is more than a 1/3 pounder.

If you search Kangen Water® on YouTube, you will find many pages of videos and testimonials that are from recognized television media sources. These videos are made by actual TV news stations. Here is one from Designing Spaces that is one of the newer ones! All of the testimonials you see in these Kangen “news” reports are real. Many news reports have praised Kangen Water®.

Kangen reps often say Bill Gates has multiple units for all of his homes.  They offer up a photo of him when he purchased 46 machines at an Enagic event.  This photo is a validation about Kangen water from Bill Gates. 

Fact: There have been many positive TV news reports about Kangen Water®

Fact: Celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Tom Brady, and US Presidents and more, all have Kangen Water Machines.  We don’t need to marketing dollar heavy companies to make claims at the top of your google search.  Doctors love Kangen Water too! 

Documentation Beats Conversation

Kangen Water® machine can make alkaline water with a pH of over 11. You need to use saline (salt and water) to make Kangen Water® that strong, Strong Kangen water 2.5pH is strong acidic water, used for killing 99% of harmful contaminants.

Fact: Strong 2.5 pHKangen Water® is for cleaning and sanitation.

Enagic® has one of the most powerful warranties in the industry

The Kangen machine is the most popular water ionizer on the market. You get a great warranty. You get a 5 year warranty and can send it back right before the 5 years to get it deep cleaned and they extend your warranty 3 years!!! Enagic®’s warranty period is one of the best warranties in the industry.

Fact: You can get competitor ionizers for about half of what you pay for Enagic®, and you get what you pay for, with infererior products.

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