Our Kangen water machine Lineup

Seriously , this water is life-changing, so kudos for checking us out and taking the initiative to improve your life. Laura and I were once exactly where you are when we took our first step to learn more and we have never looked back. 

Everything is BETTER, our health, wealth and my state of mind!

We’re honored to have the opportunity to teach you everything about the BEST water on the planet. If you’d like to know even more about how this water has changed our life, reach out to us directly by replying to this email and letting us know you’d like to hear our personal story and journey with Kangen. We can even introduce you to a few friends who’ve had similar experiences.

You probably have a ton of questions since you’ve looked into Enagic’s Kangen Water, so let’s start with one of the most common questions we receive… 

Which machine is right for me? 

Let’s take a look at three great Kangen machines to kick-off your journey. Now, let me ask you a few questions to help narrow it down. 
 1. Do you want to jump right in with our top-of-the-line machine? -Or-

2. Are you looking for a great value
without sacrificing features? -Or-

3. Do you want a more affordable
machine for lighter use?
Recent Posts Newsletter 9/28 All water is not created equal
If you’re looking for the ultimate machine with all the bells and whistles, then look no further than Enagic’s latest machine, the Kangen 8 (K8). This machine is without question, the best machine on the market for home use! You’ll get 8 powerful, solid plates providing the full range of 5 types of water for maximum home versatility and health benefits for your entire family.   

*NEW* Kangen 8.

Considered the most powerful anti-oxidizer for the home, the Kangen 8 features 8 platinum-dipped, titanium plates for improved water-ionization and increased antioxidant production potential (stronger antioxidant means more health benefits). You can use this machine in any country, thanks to its worldwide, multi-voltage power supply and interchangeable plug capability (sold separately). This machine also features the most user-friendly and energy-saving automated features:  

More than just Drinking Water!

Let me quickly explain the water type usages: There are many benefits to having these 5 water types available! Here are just some of the ways you can use the different waters:There are three different grades of Kangen Water (8.5, 9.0 and 9.5pH) plus the Clean Water that can be individually used for things like drinking, cooking, and taking medication.
Strong Kangen Water, our grease-cutter, and Acidic Water, our powerful antibacterial cleaner, have many uses in and around your home. These waters can also be used for personal hygiene, pets and even gardening… plants and pets love Kangen – your body will too! 

Take a look at my website below or simply ask me for more info and I’ll send you a chart outlining the many specific usages which will save you the high costs for harmful chemical cleaners and at the same time help save the environment from overuse of harmful products and plastics. This water is for so much more than just drinking.

It’s unreal the benefits and usages that come with this machine. With a 15 year life expectancy, it’s worth every penny!

Ok, on to the next question… 

Leveluk JRII

You want all five waters and you want the best bang for your buck without sacrificing too much. Well look no further then the Leveluk JRII. The Leveluk JRII sports 3 plates (instead of 5), yet still provides all 5 types of water! It’s a great starter machine for those with smaller households or those who are looking for a better value.

The Junior Model.

The JRII has three solid, platinum-coated titanium electrode plates. Due to the lower power consumption and fewer plates, this machine is considered one of Enagic’s “starter” models. If you’re looking for a machine that generates all 5 types of water, this model is a good entry level choice. This will also allow you to experience the waters at a lower entry point. In the future (once you fall in love) you’ll have the option to upgrade to the flagship SD501 or K8 models using our awesome trade-in program. 

Capable of producing 5 types of water:

*Note: Larger families should consider one of the more robust models (K8 or SD501) that can produce an ample supply of water if using for everyday hydration, cleaning, and personal hygiene. 

Now, let’s hit that last question:

Let’s say you’re just looking for a quality machine at a great price simply for the health benefits of the Kangen drinking water, the Leveluk-R is the machine for you. It produces only 3 types of water and but can easily function as your main machine by providing unlimited fresh Kangen Water for drinking and cooking. 

Leveluk-R –

The Starter Model

The Leveluk-R is also one of Enagic’s “starter” models because it’s so affordable. You can start enjoying the benefits of drinking alkaline Kangen Water with the Leveluk-R today, and then move on to the flagship SD501 or K8 with a trade-in down the road.This machine produces both drinking waters and Beauty Water, with 3 platinum-coated, 99.97% pure, titanium electrode platesStay hydrated at a great bargain! Capable of producing 3 types of water:• Kangen Water (8.5, 9.0, 9.5 pH) • Clean Water (7.0 pH)• Acidic (Beauty) Water (6.0 pH) 
So, that should give you a better idea as to how to choose your new machine. The machines listed above range in price from higher to lower. Financing is readily available (for a wide range of credit scores) and Kangen Water can be yours for a low monthly price that will provide benefits for many years to come. My job is to help you find the right solution and then help you get one of these amazing machines in your home! 

Whether you’re ready to buy or need more information, reach out to me (my info is below.) I have so much to share with you and I know by the end of our meeting you’ll be on your way to a healthier happier you! 

Thanks again for your time… Be Healthy, Happy and Prosperous! 

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Long-Lasting Benefits of Kangen Water Fasting

We all need food and water (especially Kangen water) to survive as functioning human beings. Healthy food, good nutrition and drinking enough water are the most critical elements for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But during some part of our shared history, people have consciously decided to have no food or water during some hours of the day, and started to practice fasting. In the article below, you will find information about the basics and health benefits of fasting.

Learning how long can you go without food because of adverse conditions such as wars and famines may have intrigued our ancestors. Now we have the information that you can go without food for about 21 days. But if you wonder how long you can go without water compared to food, it is only 3 to 4 days! As almost 70% of our body is made of water, we need to stay hydrated as our bodies are losing water constantly.

It is believed that fasting has its roots in ancient Greece, the reasons why people choose to fast have changed through history, from rituals to beliefs, religions to life conditions. But the undoubted health benefits of fasting were appreciated and mentioned by famous people like Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin even in 18. and 19. centuries. Leading American author Benjamin Franklin wrote a pioneering article on fasting:

“The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.”

Today, fasting plans and programs have became popular because of the benefits of fasting. When it comes to how to fast properly, there are two common methods.. First way is eating no food and drinking no water for selected periods of time. This is called Intermittent fasting where you shorten your eating periods and lengthen  your fasting periods. The second way is called water fasting.

Can You Drink Kangen Water While Fasting?

Other forms of fasting such as intermittent fasting allow Kangen water and other calorie-free drinks like tea and coffee. For example, drinking juice is not allowed during intermittent fasting as its not calorie-free. Water is completely calorie-free.

What Does Kangen Water Do For the Body?

Kangen water takes a short journey to reach cells and provide hydration to them. This is because water is absorbed into your body’s system instead of being digested like food. Absorption of Kangen water happens faster when you drink it on an empty stomach. Sometimes the connection between mouth and brain can cause us to drink more water than our body needs or stop drinking before we have the amount that we need. Once your body has a sufficient amount of Kangen water, it begins to the process of evacuating the excess water.

Kangen water is very important to maintain a healthy body and stay hydrated. It has tremendous benefits on the body from the inside out. Drinking enough water helps you have high energy and physical performance levels in your daily life. It supports your skin strength and hair growth. Hydration is important to maintain brain and other bodily functions. Water reduces headache symptoms & migraine caused by not having enough fluid in the body. Your body’s detoxification process mainly depends on drinking water. Because when your kidney doesn’t receive a sufficient amount of water, this can lead to kidney-related diseases. That’s why water helps the detox process by flushing the liver tissues and through sweating.

What is Water Fasting?

Water fasting is a fasting method where you don’t consume anything else other than water during the day. Water fasting benefits include weight loss, detoxification and rejuvenation,  making it a popular diet plan nowadays. Oxygen in the water helps your digestive system and triggers your liver to eliminate harmful toxins. That’s why water fasting is also known as ‘water cleansing’. Because where water and fasting meets, detoxification happens naturally!

Kangen water is completely calorie-free. That’s why water fasting supports your metabolism and ketosis process. There are connections between drinking water and weight loss. As your body switches to ketosis during water fasting, you can burn more fat. At the same time, Kangen water fasting boosts your body’s healing process. It decreases inflammation in the body and blood sugar levels while supporting your heart and brain health. Last but not least, drinking water supports collagen in the skin.

How to Water Fast?

Even eating once a day may sound hard. So drinking only Kangen water during a day sounds probably way harder to do, right? But before you start to water fast,  first you need to prepare yourself mentally. Most importantly, you need to choose a goal to do it! Choosing a goal will help you achieve a satisfying result at the end of your journey.

Not eating for a week and having nothing but water can be tough at the beginning. You can feel hungry or have a fasting headache as your body will be in a state of ketosis after 3-4 days. But your body will start to get used to this ‘new’ system and you will be able to maintain your fasting in a relaxed way.

You can use Pink Himalayan salt as a supplement to add to your Kangen water. It contains over 90 trace minerals and will help you fight off hunger pains.

How Long Should I Fast?

Fasting in general is way of abstinence from all foods. In Islam or Greek Orthodox Christianity for example, periods of fasting are based on days of the week, calendar year or lunar calendar and done for different lengths of time.

Water fasting can be done from 3 days to a whole month based on the need and capacity of the person.

If you are wondering about how much water should you drink a day to lose weight, it depends on your level of activity in a day. But if you decide to start a water fasting program for weight loss, you will receive the right amount of Kangen alkaline water and a bespoke activity plan during the program.

What is Kangen water? Everything you need to know!

Migraines and Kangen Water

Have you ever suffered from a Migraine or headache that was absolutely brutal?

But instead, most people just take a pill and go to bed, that method does not hydrate, it is simply “symptom relief” and is unhealthy. Or they will drink water but they end up consuming water that is doing absolutely nothing for you…and with the added chemicals it’s actually doing you more harm then good.

That’s one of the best things about Kangen Water and one of the many benefits most of our customers tend to experience is the lack of headaches and migraines due to them finally being properly hydrated!

Kangen water and Migraines

I hope this provided you value today and if you weren’t already I hope this made you more aware of how being properly hydrated can help with those nauseating headaches.

If you have any questions for us here at H2o 4 Life Wellness Center then feel free to shoot us a call at (484-754-6758)

Specific Uses for 2.5pH Strong Acid Water


Strong acidic water of pH 2.5 is made by pressing the orange button on the lower part of the Enagic unit.

Note: you must add the intensifying solution (salt water) into the tank to electrolyte homeostasis (on the right side of the unit, behind the Panel) to produce strong acid water and Strong Alkaline Water.

Collect water using the usual vitriolic hose (the grey hose which sets at the bottom of the unit). Test to make sure that your drive is producing acid water, pH 2.5 using droplets for acid water pH-offered. When added, the water will turn orange. Water with pH 2.5 has a distinctive smell of chlorine. Do not be alarmed, there is chlorine in water. This water bears the name hypochloris water and has very special properties, which are described on the following pages.

The Enagic electrolysis solution is used to produce water with pH 2.5 and 11.5 and are not suitable for drinking. No other water Ionizer produces pH 11.5 2.5 and such with medical device manufactures Enagic, regardless of what the manufacturers claim. These waters are very powerful solutions for cleaning, disinfecting and therapeutic.
Electrolysis solution is the same as the Enagic saline eye drops which also cannot be ingested.

-Water processed
-Sodium chloride
-Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium chloride, also known as table salt, is an ionic compound with the formula NaCl. Sodium chloride is the salt, responsible for our oceans and the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms. As the major ingredient from table salt, is commonly used for spicing up your dishes and food preservative.

Strong Acidic Water

Sodium hypochlorite

It is a stabilizer that prevents bacteria in salted water. You find and in ophthalmic solutions.
There are more sodium hypochlorite in tap water than bottled or electrolysis solution of the Enagic.

Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 has anti-microbial properties, very potent. It has a potential for oxidation/+1 too, but bigger, 100mV. While the portion of alkaline water gains electrons, the acid portion loses electrons. This creates a solution with a very positive measure ORP becoming free radical water much better than conventional tap water.

Remember the functions of free radicals in your body, to remove electrons from other molecules: are able to quickly destroy the bacteria, fungi and pathogens causing virals. Strong acidic water is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antifugal excellent for use on leather, food, animals, surfaces etc. In Japan it is used as a disinfectant in hospitals and restaurants for many years.

Strong Acidic water was approved for use as a disinfectant for food in the U.S. in June 2002, in accordance with the law on food hygiene, under the name of hipocloric acid water.
Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 is used in Japan to remove bacteria from the cangrenos tissue. Strong Alkaline water pH 11.5 is then used to reduce the inflammation caused by free radicals.
Dipping or packing of the mushrooms and other similar diseases in acid water, pH 2.5 will hasten the resolution of microbial infections.

Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 is great for minor cuts to prevent infection. Helps stop bleeding and controlling the pain. It has been noted that the cuts stop bleeding from instantly when they are soaked or strong acidic water doused with pH 2.5.

Strong acidic water has the role of mouth wash to kill bacteria in the mouth and in the throat that causes dental infections, inflammation, neck, smelly breath and cavities.
Brush teeth and make a gargle for a minute to kill the bacteria that cause gingivitis.Water pH 2, 5 can be used to disinfect teeth brushes. Provides a secure and Whitening Tooth clipping.

Acid water, pH 2.5 is used in hospitals and restaurants to reduce infections, to disinfect medical equipment for cleaning and hand SOAP like. You can take in a bottle with sprayer and use as a disinfectant for the hands all day in order to prevent infection and contamination. It can be used on all circuit breakers and high-traffic areas where infections are spreading.
Besides the fact that it’s an excellent antibacterial product (one of the best because it does not contain toxic substances or antibiotics), acid water, pH 2.5 is great in the kitchen and bathroom. Works well in cabinets and disinfection of the chopers. It is a great help and cleanliness. Cleans coffee and tea stains from cups. The natural acidity of the water helps remove the limestone deposits on glass and ceramic surfaces. Prevents mold and some even removes.

Acid water, pH 2.5 kill snails, mosquitos, flies, ants, fleas and spiders. Many of these are exoschelet and Kangen water drowning them quickly thanks to its micro-molecular properties. Acid water, pH 2.5 will oxidize pests, causing them death. People have reported that they saw water with pH 2.5 killing a spider infestation on a plant. Pulverize water with pH 2.5 on your animals to reduce/eliminate flea infestation.


Removes stains from your clothes without removing color safe clothes & white sparkles slightly. Clean and disinfect toys for children, little table chairs.
Using acid water, pH 2.5 to remove microbial bacteria on fruit and meats-eliminates the possibility of e-coli or other diseases caused by bacteria in food.

Eliminates odors like cat urine.
Sprinkle plants that love acidic water three times during the breeding season to produce a vigorous growth.

This water has been tested at universities in the United States and Japan, and it has been noted that it eliminates:
-MRSA (Staphylococcus resistant antibiotic)
-Many other bacteria, fungi and viruses.

History of Kangen Water

To learn more about how you can get one of these Kangen machines in your home, visit our business site to choose your machine.


Sleep is essential to good health. Rest is essential to being well. Find a way to get both with these resources.

 header image

Are hydration and sleep connected? Spoiler: yes!

The effects of dehydration are similar to the effects of lack of sleep. If you don’t get enough water, you may feel sluggish, experience mood swings and in general, just feel off. But, did you know that not getting enough water can also impact your quality of sleep?

What are the negative effects of dehydration?

We’ve all experienced it—you get to the end of your day and realize you’ve only had a few sips of water. Not good! When you’re dehydrated, you may experience:

  • Increased thirst and a dry mouth
  • Fatigue and confusion
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Dry skin
  • A rapid heart rate
  • Fever
  • Cramping

It’s happens to all of us. You’re busy and sometimes the day gets away from you. However, if you’re not careful, constant dehydration can cause severe problems. Make sure you talk with your doctor if your symptoms are severe or you’re having a hard time maintaining healthy hydration levels.

Dehydration and sleep

Not only will dehydration effect your everyday life and health, it will impact your quality of sleep, too. Even though your body is mostly still while you sleep, it’s actually an active period where your body restores chemical balances, heals and recovers. In fact, one of sleep’s most important benefits is forming short- and long-term memories. When you sleep, your brain processes, transfers and stores all of the information you took in that day. If you’re not getting good, quality sleep, you may experience memory loss, trouble concentrating while awake, mood swings, a weakened immune system, poor balance, weight gain and risk of disease. Being dehydrated when you go to sleep will affect the way your body restores itself.

Let’s talk about a few ways your body may be effected by going to sleep dehydrated.

Dehydrated sleep = dry mouth and nose

When you go to bed dehydrated, you risk not getting a good night’s rest. You may experience a dry mouth and dry nasal passages, which can cause snoring, even if you’re not a regular snorer. This can keep you up, wake you up an not to mention, keep your partner up, too. The dryness can also cause a sore throat and hoarse voice when you wake up.

Going to sleep dehydrated can cause cramping

Have you ever woken up in the middle of night with an excrusiating leg cramp? Some people call them Charlie horses. If you haven’t had enough water during the day or before bed, you may experience cramping like this while you sleep, especially in your legs. This can be very painful, waking you up and keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

A night of dehydrated sleep impacts your whole day

Other than the obvious fact that waking up multiple times in the middle of the night means you’re not getting enough uninteruped RIM Sleep, going to bed dehydrated can have negative implications for the following day. You may feel less alert and experience a lack of energy. You may also notice that if you went to bed dehydrated, your cognitive performance suffers. That is your thinking, reasoning and remembering skills! Kind of important.

Important note: Even if you think you’re well-hydrated when you go to bed, you may be surprised to learn that you actually lose fluid while you sleep. Yep—even just breathing while you sleep, you lose fluid, especially if you snore or breathe through your mouth. You lose more fluid if you get sweaty while you sleep (hey, it happens to all of us), have worked out closer to bedtime without re-hydrating or had a lot of alcohol before going to bed. (Side Note: Drinking just one 16 oz. Glass of Kangen water before bed and the next morning will eliminate hangovers!)

Water x sleep: best practices

Unfortunately, you can’t fix your dehydration problems by chugging water before bed. That can actually have a negative impact on your sleep. If you wait until the end of the day to drink all your fluids, you’ll probably have to get up multiple times in the night to use the bathroom.

To be hydrated and therefore, get your best rest, you want to stay hydrated throughout the day. People used to say a good rule of thumb for water intake was 8 glasses a day, but now the National Academy of Medicine recommends drinking about 11 cups for the average female and about 15 cups for the average male. That may seem like a lot, but this also includes any water from foods you consume. And don’t forget, the amount of water you need varies from person to person and depends on your weight and height, level of exercise and diet, so chat with your doctor to figure out the right amount of water for you.  

Pro tip: Don’t feel like measuring every ounce of water you drink? (We don’t blame you!) A good way to determine if you’re getting enough water is simple—drink water when you’re thirsty. Your body is smart. It will tell you when you need more water.

Another good practice to stay hydrated is to keep a BPA Free Reusable Bottle on hand. If you always have water available, you’ll be able to quench your thirst whenever you need to. Plus, a reusable water bottle helps you keep track of how much water you’ve had. If you have a 20 ounce water bottle, you can do the math to keep up with how much water you’ve had and how much you still need to drink in a day. Not to mention, a reusable bottle reduces waste and is better for the planet. Slide your reusable bottle in your purse or backpack, keep it on your desk at work or on your nightstand so that you can stay hydrated and healthy.

Drinking the right water, that will hydrate you correctly, will allow you to sleep even better, resulting in better clarity, among other benefits.

Is Essentia truly Alkaline??

If you are buying alkaline water, please stop ✋🏼 and get educated. Save your money!

We live in a WORLD 🌎 where we must READ the ingredients. Sodium Bicarbonate is Baking Soda 😳 Please know that making your tap water alkaline with a synthetic ingredient has no benefits. It’s a marketing SCAM 😬 You can take ditch water, add Baking Soda and make it “alkaline” but would you drink it?

They also say IONIZED Alkaline Water 😳 True Ionized Alkaline Water properties do not last. It has a short shelf life. Thats why they add the ingredients, so if you decide to test the ph of that bottled water it will turn purple 😱 WoW …you’re not fooling me 🙄!

Alkaline water drops are included in this scam. Synthetic inorganic ingredients are being added.

Kangen Water filters create an electrical charge (through electrolysis) on the natural minerals already in our water, creating Ionized Alkalized Super Antioxidant Water. This actually produces hydrogen gas which is a free radical scavenger and absolutely amazing.

Ionization does NOT last very long and that is why a machine in your home is necessary.
Absolutely NOTHING gets added to our healthy water 9.5 ph Kangen Water that we drink. Plus it actually IS incredibly good for you 💦💦💦💦💦