Are you drinking plastic out of a plastic bottle?

Its official – microplastics have been found in tap and bottled water. A recent video by CNBC analyzed 159 water samples, sourced from both tap water and bottled water in 14 countries, and found that over 80% of all samples contained tiny plastic particles, with an average of 4.34 plastic particles per liter of water. Even more surprising, 94%Continue reading “Are you drinking plastic out of a plastic bottle?”

What’s Oxidation Reduction Potential

We want to reduce the oxidation in our bodies. Reminder, our babies are born alkaline and as time passes, they become more and more acidic which eventually leads to oxidative stress. Check out all of the diseases caused by oxidative stress! So what do we do to reduce oxidative stress in our bodies? We tryContinue reading “What’s Oxidation Reduction Potential”

Kangen Water 101 | 5 Things Enagic® wants you to know

Enagic hopes you find out about this! Kangen water is very good, healthy ionized alkaline water, and Enagic’s sales force typically shares water with people (for a few weeks) they meet to promote it. They then give the option to them to purchase the life changing devices, or continue to drink the same water theyContinue reading “Kangen Water 101 | 5 Things Enagic® wants you to know”

My Water Bar coming Soon!

We are so excited to open My Water Bar in Chester County! This is Laura Fleming’s second Woman Owned Business, following a wildly popular Kangen water store in Reading (Berks county) What once started in the kitchen of their home in Pottstown, PA has turned into multiple new stores serving the most healthiest water. TheyContinue reading “My Water Bar coming Soon!”

The Health Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

Our bodies are made up of 70% water and adequate hydration is necessary for our normal bodily functions. Every day, we are exposed to harmful free radicals in our environment which causes oxidative stress to our bodies. Examples of oxidation in nature include: a nail rusting, an apple turning brown, a plant decomposing, and even our skinContinue reading “The Health Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water”

More mesh plates are not better than less Titanium plates

Kangen water benefits exist because alkaline water has real health benefits. I support Kangen by Enagic brand (see my article (what is Electrolyzed Reduced Water?). We do not support knockoffs that claim to be better than Enagic. They tend to go after the best, which is a clever way to get people to buy somethingContinue reading “More mesh plates are not better than less Titanium plates”

What is Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

A Full Report Electrolyzed water is a special type of water created using an electrochemical process called Electrolyzed Reduced Water (aka ERW) ionization. Ionization uses an electric current (235 Watts) to split regular water into two groups – alkalized water and acidic water. Kangen ionized water has a wide range of advantages and applications. KANGENContinue reading “What is Electrolyzed Reduced Water?”