What is Kangen water? Everything you need to know!

Those with the best physiques in America know about it. Hollywood’s most beloved stars have benefited from it, and your favorite linebacker and quarterback stay amazingly fit because of it. What is Kangen Water? If you have no idea what the new craze is about, keep reading.       Kangen Water Kangen water isContinue reading “What is Kangen water? Everything you need to know!”

Migraines and Kangen Water

Have you ever suffered from a Migraine or headache that was absolutely brutal? But instead, most people just take a pill and go to bed, that method does not hydrate, it is simply “symptom relief” and is unhealthy. Or they will drink water but they end up consuming water that is doing absolutely nothing forContinue reading “Migraines and Kangen Water”

Specific Uses for 2.5pH Strong Acid Water

STRONG ACIDIC WATER pH 2.5 Strong acidic water of pH 2.5 is made by pressing the orange button on the lower part of the Enagic unit. Note: you must add the intensifying solution (salt water) into the tank to electrolyte homeostasis (on the right side of the unit, behind the Panel) to produce strong acidContinue reading “Specific Uses for 2.5pH Strong Acid Water”


Sleep is essential to good health. Rest is essential to being well. Find a way to get both with these resources. Are hydration and sleep connected? Spoiler: yes! The effects of dehydration are similar to the effects of lack of sleep. If you don’t get enough water, you may feel sluggish, experience mood swings andContinue reading “ARE HYDRATION AND SLEEP CONNECTED? SPOILER: YES!”

Is Essentia truly Alkaline??

If you are buying alkaline water, please stop ✋🏼 and get educated. Save your money! We live in a WORLD 🌎 where we must READ the ingredients. Sodium Bicarbonate is Baking Soda 😳 Please know that making your tap water alkaline with a synthetic ingredient has no benefits. It’s a marketing SCAM 😬 You can take ditch water, add Baking Soda and makeContinue reading “Is Essentia truly Alkaline??”

9 Stages that lead to Death

A simple habit overlooked? Change now to see the results. Have you ever wondered why parents and doctors—once upon a time—often suggested drinking more water for a cold or flu? This article shows our body’s progression when we simply fail to drink enough pure water. Sneezing and/or Runny Nose: When virus, bacteria, dust, or pollensContinue reading “9 Stages that lead to Death”

Why Animals Love Kangen Water

How Can Kangen Water® Help Animals? If Kangen Water® is a healthy antioxidant, which hydrates, provides a pH balance, detoxifies and much more, then can we share this water with our pets?  The answer is a resounding YES! Water from Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine can improve the quality of life for our favorite pets.  ConsiderContinue reading “Why Animals Love Kangen Water”

A New Prescription for Health

Dr.Tim McKnight has a phD in Nutrition. Dr. McKnight was very skeptical. But with an open mind he watched and listened, then researched, tested and ultimately wrote his insightful book “Confessions of a Skeptical Physician” to share his findings and conclusions. Dr. Horst Filtzer M.D. a Harvard Medical School graduate cum laude is a VascularContinue reading “A New Prescription for Health”