Why Athletes Love our water!

Athletes Who Drink Kangen Water® Amazing improvements in performance have taken place for athletes who have introduced Kangen Water® into their lifestyle and training regimen. Kangen Water® has changed the possibilities for countless athletes.  Marathoners are running better times; hockey players are leaving the ice without body aches;  gymnasts are more flexible.  Even weekend warriorsContinue reading “Why Athletes Love our water!”

Greener Gardening with Kangen Water

Gardening with Kangen Water is a great way to keep your plants and flowers healthy, enlivened, and lush. Just like your body needs clean, alkaline, and chlorine-free Kangen Water for health, your plants also need the healthy water for optimal growth and nourishment. The water from your Kangen machine can even revitalize weak plants, making them stronger andContinue reading “Greener Gardening with Kangen Water”

Shan Stratton

Did somebody say, “What is Kangen water?”, I do believe so! It’s all over the internet, so there is no reason to not know about it. In fact, learning about the health properties of Kangen Water can be accomplished easily as a host of individuals in the professional sports world have been singing this product’sContinue reading “Shan Stratton”

What are The Benefits of Drinking Water?

Published by: Tips on the Best water 4.11.2019 Many people hear from concerned doctors, nutritional specialists, parents, family members and friends that they should drink lots of water every day. Many people know that the recommended daily water intake is at least eight cups of water per day, or even up to half of yourContinue reading “What are The Benefits of Drinking Water?”

Is Alkaline water really that good for you?

The latest health craze sweeping the internet concerns alkaline water. Most are aware that our terrible modern diets raise the acidic levels of our bodies causing acidosis. These low levels of chronic acidity then contribute to bone loss, obesity, arthritis and other conditions of aging. Like any good fad, bottled alkaline water companies have lotsContinue reading “Is Alkaline water really that good for you?”